Piano, Violin & Viola lessons

All levels, all ages


Violin and Viola, Voilá!


There's little that's more beautiful than the sound of a violin! I teach all of the skills necessary to learn from the start or to improve upon one's abilities and overall tone production. I enjoy it's versatility it provides to perform solo, in an ensemble such as a string quartet or as an invaluable addition to a symphony. The viola is a little larger and  fits a range of notes a little lower than a violin  and higher than a cello. It has a luxuriously deeper tone and is fun to play because of its resonance.

Piano at its Best!


I was taught that a piano is your personal orchestra. You have your high register (violin, piccolo, flute, etc), medium register(viola, oboe, clarinet...) and so on, down to your lowest instruments.  It's a fine way to think of the piano as a student learns theory as well. Such a beautiful and versatile instrument for any age and exciting way to express one's emotions.

Be Inspired By Everything


I find inspiration all around me in making beautiful music and enjoy sharing my enthusiasm for music as well. I excel in making the reading of music easy and I'm always watching for the understanding a student needs to succeed well. And then to combine my skills with others- what a luxury! I'm a professional performer and teacher of 24+ years and also own an active string quartet called An Elegant Touch of Strings which has performed thousands of special events. Be it piano or violin and viola, I am in my best element as the students benefit from lessons from someone who is active in the music world. I also am a professional music arranger and from time to time help with a piece of music that means a lot to the student. My goal is to make learning fun and an experience that will carry throughout one's years!